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Along the way to home

The actual travel part of travelling is something I don’t mind. Certainly it can be uncomfortable, boring and downright messed up. However…

There’s something about it that I appreciate. It gives me a chance to say goodbye to where I’ve been and prepare myself for where I’m going. There is a mental shift required, at least for me, if I’m going to really be present wherever I end up. And of course, hopefully I end up where I intended!

I have spent the last month travelling throughout Australia. To Alice Springs and a number of places in QLD, visiting people I know. It’s been a wonderful varied heartwarming trip. But now I’m headed home.

Home to the ordinary, to responsibilities and work and housework and bills and a car that will hopefully start up fine after not being driven for weeks. But it’s also a return to friends and home and church and life.

As I sit here in an airport lounge waiting for the next plane (6 of 6) I get to think back over the trip, reminisce and remember, take time to cherish the time spent with loved ones, oh the good food, the places seen and appreciated, the fun that was had…

I also get to prepare myself for homecoming, for work tomorrow and when I’m going to see people I care about here.

For me, this is valuable. For me, this is crucial.

So now I’m gonna go do more of that and continue on home…

And after my oh so contemplative post, who wants to bet they’ll lose my luggage or break something important along the way?? 🙂