The sweet smell of holidays

Work is important. It pays the bills, gives my time a framework, enlarges my contribution, connects me with all kinds of people and, you know, stops me from going mad.

I want to talk about how grateful I am that I live in Australia, a country that is stable and affluent and more balanced than most. One where my rights are respected, I get 4 weeks annual leave and …

But I find I can’t focus on that. Cos I’m on HOLIDAYS! As of today!

Love my job though I do, I don’t have to think about it for the rest of the month! 3.5 weeks of travelling the country, visiting people I love and whatever else happens along the way.

Oh the possibilities…


There is never a beginning

This isn’t the beginning. It’s certainly not the end. I suppose that makes it the middle. Such an ordinary sounding word for the absolute everything that happens in between.

Welcome to the middle! This part of the middle anyway…

I’m here to share things I’m thinking about, observations about the world, experiences I’ve had and whatever takes my fancy along the way.

Enjoy, follow, comment, ignore, share, forget, as you wish…



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