Selfie Project so far – 1

A few weeks ago I started a Selfie Project. I don’t want large chunks of my life to be missing from the record so I’m doing something about it. Sharing pictures of me and my life on Instagram.

And, I’m glad I’m doing it… There are pictures of me doing things I do as part of my ordinary life, pictures of things I love, pictures of things that represent what I’m focussed on at the time. That all fulfills the goal of the project, to have a record of my life.

It adds an awareness, a consciousness to my day. What image will capture something of my experience today? How will I express part of who I am and what my life is visually? It gives me a regular creative outlet and helps me be more mindful of my days and my focus.

This is very worth doing and I’m looking forward to seeing what else I notice as I go!


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