So I just had to add the word ‘selfie’ to my phone’s dictionary. Get with the times phone! It’s the word of the year for goodness sake…

Something I’ve thought about for a while is that I don’t really have all that many photos of myself. Not none. And not because I’m one of those ‘no no don’t take my picture’ people. But over the past bunch of years, I’ve taken plenty of pictures but I’m not really in all that many. And, really, its cos someone actually just has to take them.


Looking back on photos of our lives is a pleasurable valuable thing. Seeing photos of my parents, of their lives before kids, its fascinating, a view of something you are both intimately connected to and completely disconnected from. Looking at our photos assists in memory development and maintenance. It facilitates bonding. Its a record of your life, reminding you of choices and relationships and fashion and music and feelings and history. Who you were reaches into the future to touch you once again. Bittersweet and hilarious and those times, and hairstyles, you wish you could forget.

I don’t want to have years of my life missing from the record. Not for anyone else’s sake but mine.

I know there is lots of adult angst about selfie culture and what it means for and about current generations but you know what? I think its like everything else, a tool that can be good or bad depending how and why you use it. Except for assault rifles. There’s only one use for them and its all bad.

So I think I’m gonna start a project. A Selfie Project. A picture of myself every day for a year. Good, bad and everything in between. A record of my life. On my terms and for my purposes.

Everyone has insecurities and things they wish were different about themselves. So what? I’m a big fan of acknowledging reality and this is a great, and I’ll be honest, challenging, way to do that.

For the first one, I’m home sick from work, so we’re starting completely unglamorous and ordinary.

Follow me on Instagram here to see them as they happen. I will include them here in summary/theme form depending on what takes my fancy.

Here we go 2014, I guess you’ll see me soon,


PS. I’ve done some related research and will share some of the articles and vids I have found most interesting along the way.

PPS. I’m gonna learn a whole bunch more about filters and lighting and angles and honesty throughout this process aren’t I?? Well, I like learning things…


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